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All of our fire wood is split, seasoned, and ready to burn. We are Salt Lake City’s 100% local fire wood company. is located at 1925 Bending River Ct S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 and has been in business for over seven years.

We offer delivery of truckloads, or cords of fire wood. Our cords of wood measure 4’X4’X8’ (128 cubic feet). All of the wood is harvested from local trees that are cut down in residential and commercial job sites. Our prices vary depending on season, and type of wood.

Call today to place an order, 801-484-8733 (TREE).

We have a variety of quality fire wood to choose from.

  • True hardwood mix: oak, walnut, maple, locust, ash, some fruit wood
  • Fruit wood: apple, cherry, apricot, fruit wood mix
  • Pine mix
  • Mixed pile: a mix of any tree that grows in UT, except pine

We guarantee a consistent product, at a fair price. Even in Utah’s worst winters, we make sure you never run out of wood. References are available upon request.

We specialize in:

  • Restaurant contracts
  • Hotel contracts
  • Residential delivery
  • Customer pick-up

We service Salt Lake City, Park City, Davis county, and Utah county.

Salt Lake City Firewood
  • Have a pickup truck? Call us; we will help you load up.
  • Next day delivery available.
  • Bulk Discounts.
  • Need a tree service? Click here.

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